Custom Orthotics

What is a Podiatrist?

A Podiatrist is a foot doctor who evaluates, diagnoses and treats Medical and musculoskeletal problems with the feet. Our Podiatrist will assess the position of your feet, biomechanics, how you walk (gait) as well as the anatomy and function of your feet. Conditions assessed and treated by a Podiatrist include:

  • Hammertoes/Bunions/Neuroma
  • Ball of Foot Pain
  • Shin Splints/Achilles Tendonitis
  • Plantar Fasciitis/Heel Spurs/Heel Pain
  • High & Low Arched Feet

What happens at your appointment?

In treating feet, beyond the examination and gait analysis our Podiatrist can also order special tests like x-rays, scans, blood work and write prescriptions as needed in diagnosing the patient. CPSC’s Podiatrist will work together with your Physician, Physiotherapist and Kinesiologist. To see a Podiatrist, one does not need to be referred by a Medical Doctor.

How can CPSC’s Podiatrist help?

Dr. Joseph Stern specializes in foot problems related to one’s biomechanics and foot function. He provides treatment that includes the fabrication (making) of a custom orthotic, a device that is used to reposition the foot in a more biomechanically correct position. Correcting the biomechanics of the foot serves to decrease the stress on the muscles, tendons and joints which will allow the foot to work more efficiently. An orthotic is fabricated (made) from a plaster cast in conjunction with a 3Dimensional computerized scan of your foot which identifies areas of increased load/pressure.

What Orthotic is right for me?

There are various types of orthotics available that are designed for patients of different ages, activities and musculoskeletal problems. They can be fabricated specifically for sports such as skiing, skating and jogging, as well as for diabetic and arthritic patients to relieve foot pain during weight bearing (standing/walking). An orthotic is not an arch support, it corrects abnormal foot function whereas arch supports only accommodate and pad the foot.

We at CPSC offer custom orthotics by our resident Podiatrist.


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