Jen Lee

  • Registered¬†Kinesiologist


  • Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, Simon Fraser University 2015
  • Kinesiology Post Baccalaureate Diploma 2015
  • Health and Fitness Studies Certifcate 2015


  • BCAK Registered Kinesiologist
  • Fitness Training since 2013

Areas of Expertise

  • Active rehabilitation for ICBC/RTW/Worksafe
  • Soft tissue & musculoskeletal injuries
  • Fitness training
  • Core stability, posture & functional movement


  • Weight lifting, bouldering, hiking, yoga
  • Travel, camping
  • Gaming
  • Reading, drawing


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The staff at Cloverdale Physiotherapy has enabled me to deal with my chronic back problems and to lead a normal productive life. The therapists have developed a program tailored to my condition that has prevented me from relapses for the past five years.


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