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Kinesiology is the study of human movement. A Kinesiologist is an exercise specialist with a thorough understanding of the human body, injuries, the impact of injury on daily function and how injuries heal. Our Kinesiologist has worked with a wide variety of people including, athletes, motor vehicle accidents, RCMP, and individuals looking to improve overall wellness.

Active Rehabilitation is a term used to describe a 'one on one' rehabilitation program that is individualized to meet your goals and functional needs with respect to lifestyle, work or sport. Our goal is to ensure you return to functional independence in all aspects of life and to prevent a recurrence of your injury.

ICBC - Active Programs are generally started in conjunction with or at the end of Physiotherapy treatment. The Active Rehabilitation program will be customized to enable you to cope with the respective job tasks/functional needs of returning to work. A gradual return to work will be incorporated with the active rehabilitation program to ensure a successful return to work. The program will be effectively managed and will include communication between your Physiotherapist, Doctor, Kinesiologist, ICBC case manager and Lawyer.

Sports Injury Rehabilitation - is used to help you return to sport, whether this be post-injury or post-surgery. The focus of the program will be to improve your strength, endurance, balance and functional stability with regards to the requirements of your sport. To ensure a successful return to sport we generally recommend a gradual return to light activity, training and lastly competitive games. Our Physiotherapist and Kinesiologist will work together in managing your injury and ensuring a safe return to sport.

RCMP Rehabilitation - is aimed at improving functional abilities as well as employment rehabilitation to assist you with job related demands as defined by your job description. The program will be co-ordinated with the RCMP Health Services.

Core Stability is the term used to define the deep layer of muscles in the stomach and lower back. When activated these muscles stabilize the lower back and pelvis in the neutral (midline position) to ensure a biomechanically correct position from which movement can take place. Stabilization is the ability to use muscles in the neck, shoulder blades, pelvis and back in a synchronous manner so as to support the spine. The muscles that we generally feel working are generally prime movers not stabilizers e.g. biceps curl. It is difficult to feel whether you are using the correct stabilizing muscles when you perform an exercise. Injury, surgery and faulty biomechanics may adversely result in a poor core and weak stability muscles. It is most important to “stabilize before we move”.

Core Stability is used in the rehabilitation of the following conditions:

  • Muscle Imbalances, Posture Correction
  • Back, Neck & Joint Pain
  • Sports Injuries
  • ICBC, WCB and Pre & Post Surgery

Sport Conditioning

It is aimed at identifying those components of fitness that are required in your sport.

  • Cardiovascular and Cardio-respiratory Endurance.
  • Muscular Strength and Endurance.
  • Speed and Agility
  • Balance and Flexibility
  • Body Mass

We can provide programs for the pre-season, in season or off season period. Our CPSC Kinesiologist has experience in working with athletes participating in baseball, basketball, rugby, football, golf, soccer, equestrian and dancing.

Personal Training is a 'one on one' training session with a Kinesiologist. This includes an individualized exercise program based on attainable goals. Our Kinesiologist will work exclusively with you to develop your overall conditioning, while providing education on weight loss and lifestyle.




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