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Work Hardening Program

A Work Hardening Program is designed for a patient who is off work, in preparation for a return to work.  The program includes a combination of Physiotherapy treatment, as well as Kinesiology Rehabilitation.  The session consists of cardio, strength, flexibility and functional core stability related to work.  Most programs are covered by ICBC or Extended Health Benefits. 

What is provided in the Work Hardening Program?

  • An assessment on range of motion, strength, stability, and functional abilities specific to each individual need.
  • Education with regard to correcting posture, exercise technique, and maintaining neutral body positions with correct mechanics during functional activities.
  • Guidance for returning to full function so the patient will be independent and self-managed upon completion of their Kinesiology program.
  • Design of individualized exercise rehabilitation programs specific to each patient's needs and the types of activities (i.e. work) they will be returning to.
  • Patients are provided computerized exercise programs (pictures & videos) that may be printed or emailed in order to increase program compliance.

Work Hardening programs are run by Physiotherapists and Kinesiologists at our Cloverdale Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic, Surrey.




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