Glenn Hendricks


  • English

Registered Physiotherapist

Glenn is a manual therapist specialising in orthopaedic assessment and treatment, with a focus on lower limb tendinopathies and injuries to the hip, knee, and ankle. As a function-based physiotherapist, he uses assessment tools and movement strategies to help clients achieve their goals. Glenn’s treatment philosophy involves identifying and correcting muscle imbalances and postural dysfunctions, then developing proper movement patterns through specific exercises. His approach integrates manual therapy, exercise prescription, and education.


  • Degree in Physical Therapy, University of British Columbia
  • Bachelor of Science degree (Biology and Kinesiology), Simon Fraser University


  • ICBC and Motor Vehicle Injuries Physiotherapy
  • Work Safe BC and WCB(WSBC) Injuries Physiotherapy
  • Lower limb tendinopathies
  • Hip, knee and ankle injuries


  • Certificate in Health and Fitness Studies and the Liberal Arts