Candace Cormier

* Candace is currently on maternity leave

  • Registered Physiotherapist
  • Registered Kinesiologist


  • Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, Simon Fraser University, 2009
  • Certificate in Health and Fitness Studies, SFU, 2009
  • Graduate Entry Master of Physiotherapy, The University of Sydney, 2011


  • Physiotherapist in an Australian Private Practice
  • Kinesiologist for 3 years working with ICBC, WCB, athletes and the general population
  • Working one-on-one developing individualised active rehabilitation programs
  • Instructor for the YMCA Healthy Heart program (cardiac rehabilitation in the community) for 4 years
  • First Aid Officer for a variety of youth sports for 2 years
  • Lifeguard, Aquafit Instructor and Swimming Lesson instructor for 9 years

Special Interests:

  • Competitive soccer
  • Running, hiking, water sports, volleyball
  • Travelling


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I have had such a positive experience with a range of the services offered at Cloverdale Physio. First physio with Ravi - so willing to go the extra mile to research and apply different techniques to improve my range of motion. Next massage with Jessica - very effective and precise in applying her knowledge and expertise to work the variety of muscles to also improve range of motion Lastly kinesiology with Michelle - subtle and effective strengthening exercises provided so I can strengthen the muscles needing it.


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