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What will happen at my first physiotherapy visit?

Your physiotherapist will do an initial assessment that will diagnose and identify the cause of injury.

  • The objective is to reduce the pain/inflammation, swelling and to restore normal movement, strength, and optimal function.
  • Your physiotherapist will identify your needs and outline a treatment plan to achieve the best possible result.
  • Our Physio treatment focuses primarily on manual therapy, namely a ‘hands on approach’. Treatment will also include education, electrotherapy (laser, ultrasound or interferential) and exercise rehabilitation.

How long is a physiotherapy appointment?

(Please note if you have not been to the Cloverdale Physio & Sport Injury Clinic in over 3 months, or if this is a new injury, an initial appointment is required for the Physiotherapist to complete a new assessment)

How should I book an appointment with my physiotherapist?

  • Telephone
  • Request an appointment online.
  • Fill out the online booking form. This is only available for repeat patients who have registered with the clinic.

Is a Doctors’ referral required for me to attend physiotherapy?

  • Private Physiotherapy - A doctor’s referral is not a requirement, however certain extended health plans and private insurers may require a referral to activate payment.  It is best to check with your respective insurance provider for details.
  • ICBC- Physio Injury Claims – If this is a new accident and you are seeking treatment within 3 months of the injury, you do not require a Doctor’s referral for your initial 20 visits, unless specified by your Adjuster.  After 20 visits or if your injury is more than 3 months old you will require a Doctor’s referral.
  • WorkSafe (WSBC)- Physio Injury Claims –To activate your claim you need to have seen your doctor. You are required to follow up with your doctor on a regular basis as a part of your claim. We recommend having a Doctor’s referral but it is not necessary.
  • DVA- Physio Injury Claims –A doctors referral is required with a specific diagnosis

Will my extended health care plan cover all or a portion of my physio visit?

  • To determine whether you are covered for Physiotherapy under your extended health plan, please contact them or refer to your insurance coverage booklet provided by your workplace.
  • We are unable to determine the amount of coverage until you are in the office.  If you would like clarification on your coverage, please contact your plan administrator.
  • The amount that you are covered for treatment varies from plan to plan. Coverage can be limited to a certain number of visits per year, and some plans have a deductible (you have to pay out of pocket a pre determined amount prior to your coverage becoming active each year).  Please note if your maximum coverage has been reached, you will be required to pay in full for your treatment.

Does your Cloverdale Physio clinic do direct billing?

  • We currently provide direct billing to the following Extended Health Plans:
    • Chambers of Commerce
    • Great West Life
    • Industrial Alliance
    • Johnson Insurance
    • Manulife
    • Maximum Benefit
    • Pacific Blue Cross
    • Standard Life
    • Sun Life
    • Green Shield
  • We are only able to bill to your primary coverage insurance.  If you have one plan for your family we can bill directly.  If you have two plans (both parents have coverage), we can only bill to your primary plan.  For parents this would be their own workplace plan. For children this is generally the plan of the parent with the earlier birthday in the calendar year (regardless of the year of birth).

How does ICBC, Worksafe and DVA claims work with respect to my physio coverage?

  • Approved ICBC injury claims have a $35 surcharge fee due prior to each visit
  • Approved WorkSafe injury claims do not require any payment by the patient for the allocated number of visits allowed
  • DVA is fully covered for the allocated number of visits allowed and does not require any payment by the patient

What should I bring to my first Cloverdale Physio visit?

  • Care Card number
  • Claim number (if WSBC or ICBC)
  • Doctor’s referral, if applicable
  • Extended Health Plan Card
  • Diagnostic test results (MRI, CT scan, X-ray)
  • Comfortable clothing (Sweatpants, shorts or a T shirt)

Cancellation and No Show Policy

We would ask that you kindly provide 24 hours notice to cancel appointments.





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