Now Offering TeleHealth!

We are OPEN to assist you on our virtual platform through video and telephone (smartphone)!!

As of March 19 2020, our in clinic visits are on hold due to COVID-19. We are open for Virtual Visits to assist you in your recovery by telephone or video to continue providing you the best care possible. Allied Physiotherapy is staying on top of your health during these challenging times by implementing new innovative approaches to health care. This will ensure you continue to achieve your health and fitness goals. 

What is TeleHealth?

We are offering Physiotherapy and Kinesiology sessions via a tablet, telephone (smartphone) or laptop for BC residents. 

What Do I Need? What Can You Do in a TeleHealth Appointment?

  • A laptop or desktop computer with speakers and a microphone
  • Google Chrome (recommended), Moxilla Firefox, or Safari 11 or newer (for Apple devices)
  • An open space for exercise and movement
  • A well lit area so we can see you (for video consults)

What Can You Do in a TeleHealth Appointment?

  • Initial Assessment or Consultation
  • Ergonomic Education & Correction in your Home Environment
  • Self Help Measures
  • Exercise Prescription, Review and Progressions
  • Virtual Treatment Plan
  • Answer Any Questions You May Have About Your Recovery

Will My Insurance Cover It?

Most Insurance providers have agreed to cover TeleHealth/Virtual Visits, however please check with your Extended Provider to determine your specific coverage or email for more information.

How Does It Work?

You will have a scheduled time for your consult, just like a regular in clinic appointment

  • For video consults, you will receive an email from your clinic for a TeleHealth appointment. Just click the link or the join now button in the email and you will be automatically connected with your therapist.
  • No account set up is required. Please make sure to allow pop up windows on your computer, which could otherwise restrict the appointment.

How Do I Book an Appointment?

Please call or email your respective clinics or email info@alliedphysio.cato set up your appointment! We will help with everything you may need.